We’ve almost all heard of Uber. What many people haven’t heard of are the promo codes. These grant users large amounts of FREE RIDES. Yes-you heard it. FREE RIDES. The greatest thing is, if you haven’t downloaded the app, you’re in for a treat. If you or a friend or family member haven’t downloaded or used Uber yet, upon completion of downloading and signing up, there will be a menu on the left side of the app window. There is a section titled “Payment” and you want to tap on that. There is a section stating “Add Promo/Gift Code.” Tap that and apply the Uber code “patricks14918ue” BEFORE taking your first ride to receive credit on your ride! After applying, you will see that you have a free ride credit. All of your family and friends can use that code as well, so the more people that are with you means MORE FREE RIDES!!!

The same thing applies to competitive companies such as Lyft. They also offer free ride credits with special promo codes to first-time riders as well! Apply the promo code “YOURFREELYFTS” before taking your first ride, and you will also see that you have a FREE RIDE as well! Share this with family and friends that you can tag along on these free rides with!  I enjoy Lyft just as much as Uber, so if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend giving Lyft a try. Many enjoy it even more than Uber, and sometimes they offer random discounted promotions of upwards of 50 percent off rides for weeks at a time! Check them out and give them a try!